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Directed by:

Connor McCrory

Designed by:

Laura Mugford


Laura Mugford

Old Red Lion Theatre

January 23rd, 24th, 25th

7:30 pm 

✭✭✭✭ London Pub Theatres -

“a recipe for how to be your own heroine”

✭✭✭✭ Fairy Powered Productions -

“This wonderful piece of theatre has swept us along, with the joyful cheers and applause as sincere as if Mugford had just crossed the actual finishing line”

26.2 Reasons to Stay Alive was a part of FRESHFEST 2023 - a festival of brand new theatre.


“I am on the Mall, 385 yards from the rest of my life”

Have you ever ran a marathon? Wanted to? Couldn’t think of anything worse? This 60-minute treadmill spectacular might just get you lacing up your trainers and hitting the pavement. This semi-autobiographical comedy follows ‘Runner’ as she navigates her first marathon, and every key moment in her life that lead her to the start line. From chronic illness, bullies, and nights in hospital all the way to the origins of the marathon itself, this play, performed all while running, will leave you wondering - what would you do to stay alive?

Written by actor, writer, designer (and runner) Laura Mugford, who has now completed two marathons with an Ultra marathon on the cards for next year, this small but mighty piece explores why we run. To answer such a question, we must ask ourselves another - what are we running from?

Filled with tap dance performances, chocolate spread sandwiches, and a healthy dose of history, this brand-new solo show produced by Just a Regular House Productions is sure to be an evening to remember. 26.2 Reasons to Stay Alive is the fourth production from this Offie and Standing Ovation award nominated company, who hope to continue their work as a tiny team pushing the boundaries of what is possible for small scale theatre.

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