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One Day When We Were Young by Nick Payne (Just a Regular House)

One Day When We Were Young

by Nick Payne

Directed by:

Connor McCrory

Designed by:


Joseph Ryan-Hughes

Laura Mugford

Barons Court Theatre

29th May - 3rd June 2023

★★★★★  London Pub Theatres - "Their precision timing and attention to detail makes them stand out as a company with a future."

OFFCOM Commendation

2023 Standing Ovation Award Finalists for best Duologue/Two Hander


“I am scared, that once this war is over, and I am sent home, that you won’t be here. That you might be gone.”


Leonard and Violet, young, restless and in love, spend their first night together knowing it may also be their last. It’s 1942 and, in a hotel room in Bath, they dream of their future while preparing for Leonard’s departure to the war. But the bombs begin to fall and their world will never be the same again.


In the year 2002, the couple look back at what might have been.

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